Hockey Player Not Pleased By Woman Reporter Suggesting He Illegally Chopped Someone In The Back

  • Eric Goldschein

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith got played pretty badly by Daniel Sedin last night, letting the Canucks forward slip by him for a breakaway goal in the second period. Keith’s response was to chop Sedin in the back with his hockey stick. Classy! And what happened when Keith was asked about the play by reporter Karen Thompson after the game? He delivered an equally classy quip.

First, for context, here’s the play. The announcers quibble over whether the uncalled chop was hard enough to warrant a penalty — because this is hockey, and unless your victim is leaking spinal fluid it’s no big deal.

And afterwards, TEAM 1040 reporter Thompson suggesting that he got away with a pretty obvious penalty:

A classic athlete-reporter exchange, in which Keith defends his actions by saying “What do you know, writer-person? You are simply a writer-person. I am a hockey-person, and thus my hockey actions cannot be questioned.” Except this one was tinged with the hint of dickishness that comes specifically from a man talking down to a woman just doing her job.

Strangely, Keith has never received any kind of sportsman of the year awards.

Thompson took it in stride, however:

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