Someone Might Have Thrown A Sex Toy Onto The Ice At Last Night’s Montreal Canadiens Game

  • Tom Lorenzo

During last night’s Montreal Canadiens-Winnepeg Jets game, Canadians center Lars Eller completed a hat trick early on in the third period. Naturally, this was met with the ceremonial tossing of the hats onto the ice. Well, hats and what appears to be a red sex toy. Boy, that’s awkward.

First, I have to ask, who brings…that into a hockey game? Wouldn’t you embarrassed about having to smuggle it in? I guess it’s just so unbelievable that if you did tell security during the pat-down that you have a dildo in your pocket they probably would just brush it off and tell you “not to drink too much tonight, buddy.” Not that I’m speaking from any experience.

Secondly, who wants to be that guy (or gal) who’s seen throwing a dildo onto the ice? You don’t think someone behind you is going to call you out and alert the people around you that they saw a dildo come flying out of your hand?

Finally, is the payoff really worth it in the end? Congratulations: you’re now the guy/girl who went out and bought a dildo, snuck it into a hockey game and thew it on the ice. Put that on your resume.

In the end, it just really doesn’t seem worth it to me. Sure, you get a good laugh, watching some guy bend over to pick it up off the ice. But the steps you need to take just to get a light chuckle, there’s probably a better way to entertain yourself at a hockey game. But hey, maybe not.

[photo via @geeyee17, via Puck Daddy]