Ilya Kovalchuk’s Mom Explains Why Her Son Is An Idiot

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As we told you yesterday, 30-year-old New Jersey Devils star Ilya Kovalchuk retired, in his prime, walking away from the final 12 years of his 15 year, $100 million year, and an $11.3 million salary next year.

Ilya wants to go home and play in the KHL, and that’s his prerogative, just as it’s a Devils fan’s prerogative to call him an asshole. Asshole.

Momma Ilya has some numbers for you, though, to convince you that her son isn’t an idiot.

“After the lockout, there are a lot of restrictions at all teams,” she said. “They are also underpaid 20% [of their salary]. The League takes it as an escrow that may not be paid back if the NHL does not make profit. And then there’s government tax of 50%. That means on paper you are being paid $10 million a year, but in reality only 3. So the pendulum swung for Russia.”

How much Kovalchuk will make in the KHL is unclear, but there are reports indicating that he could end up making more annually at a taxation rate of 13%.

Yeah, but he has to live in fucking Russia.

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