Instead Of Tackling The Blackhawks In Game 7, Zdeno Chara Took On Rowdy Rooster

  • Rick Chandler

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals would have been tonight (sad trombone), so it’s unlikely that Bruins’ defenseman Zdeno Chara would have spent Tuesday afternoon at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire, as it turns out he did. But he had nothing to prepare for, so he took the kids to the amusement park.

Something in the picture tells me that, everything considered, he’s not all that amused.

Sad for the Bruins, but great for us: is there anything better than a photo of Zdeno Chara riding the Rowdy Rooster?

Also, the girls: they love The Chara.

Could this become a pro sports tradition? The winners go to Disneyland — runnersup head to Canobie Lake Park. Colin Kaepernick following the Super Bowl: “I’m going to ride Rowdy Rooster!”