Jonathan Toews Moonwalking? Jonathan Toews Moonwalking.

  • Zach Berger

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past day or so, the Chicago Blackhawks stunned the Boston Bruins last night to win the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. They turned into teenage girls after they won the Cup and there was a crazy celebration in downtown Chicago.

But as great as both of those things were, the real highlight of last night’s post-game celebrations might have been Blackhawks centre Jonathan Toews moonwalking on the ice. Check it out:

Toews had some pretty impressive moves out there, but you have to give the ice some credit too. I’m not sure that he could’ve pulled off that MJ-esque moonwalking on solid ground. Regardless, I can and I will be watching this on repeat all day long.

It seems that the real reason Toews came out a winner last night isn’t because he’s now a Stanley Cup champion, but because he’s introduced an unconventional method of sports celebration to the world. And we here at SportsGrid appreciate that.