The NHL Season Just Started, But This Will Probably Be The Save of The Year

  • Glenn Davis

The Blue Jackets beat the Stars 2-1 in Columbus last night. Both teams now sit at 2-3-1 on the young, lockout-shortened season. Sounds unremarkable, right? WRONG:

Everything about this clip is perfect: obviously, the save itself by the Stars’ Kari Lehtonen, but on top of that, everyone’s reactions: the celebrating Blue Jackets who, quite understandably, thing there’s no way they didn’t just score, and the announcers who think the same thing. That amazed “No he did not!” is, we think, meant to convey that Columbus in fact didn’t score, but it could just as easily mean, “No he did not just make that save!”

Normally we’d say something like, “Just consider the reflexes, awareness, and reaction time involved in making a save like this,” but… it’s not even worth thinking about. It would fry your brain trying to fully comprehend how that save happened. Lehtonen probably couldn’t even tell you how he did it, now that he’s not in the moment. All that’s left to do is stare at this one in amazement. Poor Blue Jackets – even when they win, the main story is something going wrong for them.