Kings Have A Two-Goal Lead In Game 3 Of Stanley Cup Finals

  • Joe Polito

A ricochet buzzer beater and a power-play goal have the Kings out ahead of the home-ice Rangers 2-0 in the second period. Dan Girardi’s skate scores off the assist by Jeff Carter er something.

The go-ahead goal came with less than a second remaining in the first. Phew if you’re a Kings fan. Shit if you’re a Rangers fan. Gosh f-ing darned it if you’re Henrik Lundqvist. Incredulous head shake if you’re Girardi.

Kings came back after the break and scored on a power-play goal by Jake Muzzin. Not a great start for New York.

UPDATE: Mike Richards extends the Kings’ lead to three by scoring with 2:24 left in the second.

Video via SB Nation