Little Blackhawks Fan Answers Math Quiz Question ‘9×9 = Hossa’, Gets A+

  • Rick Chandler

At Columbus Manor Elementary School, they take their math seriously. Mrs. Mech in the third grade? Tough teacher. Tough but fair.

When Maggie Ciara took a math quiz recently, she answered one of the questions in an unconventional way. What is 9×9? Maggie responded: ‘9×9 = Hossa.’ That’s for Blackhawks’ wing Marian Hossa, who wears No. 81.

“I thought it would be funny to do it,” Maggie, a third-grader said from her Oak Lawn home Thursday.

Her teacher, Christine Mech, circled the answer and wrote “What is this?” in red pen. When Maggie explained her response, Mech gave her credit, and she received an A+.

“Maggie is a very clever little girl,” said Mech, who’s a Hawks fan and knew what Maggie was up to. “I love the way Maggie has a sense of humor. She did get her 100 percent on the quiz, and we had a little bit of a laugh afterward.”

Maggie’s mother put it all on Facebook, of course. Soon the Blackhawks put it on their Facebook page, and now it’s going viral.

Diane Daisy Jucius Ciara
This is what my daughter brings home today. She wrote this six more times for an answer and still got an A+!!!
Go Hawks!!

Don’t know what the big deal is. 9×9 does equal Hossa.