Marc Staal Took A Puck To The Eye, And It Looked Awfully Painful

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Did you know there was a day, not so long ago, where NHL players just didn’t wear helmets at all? Looking back on that now, it seems super dumb. One day when all NHLers are required to don face masks, we might be singing a similar song. Or at the very least, Marc Staal will.

The Kimmo Timonen shot in the third period of the Rangers-Flyers contest, deflected by Jakub Voracek, hit Staal square in the face. The shot, which more specifically hit his eye, drew a good deal of blood and left Staal squirming on the ice in immense pain.

It’s hard to watch the first time around, but if you were able to make it through and believe you have not a squeamish bone in your body, here was the Flyers broadcast, equipped with a few more replays from different angles.

Staal did not return, but the Rangers did go on to win 4-2, thanks to two third-period goals from Rick Nash.

[h/t Puck Daddy]