Former NHL Star Mike Modano Has An Interesting Halloween Costume Idea

  • Glenn Davis

Mike Modano was an outstanding NHL player for two decades. He might be the best American-born player in the game’s history. By virtue of having spent the vast majority of his career with the Dallas Stars, he’s a sports icon in a major city. He won a Stanley Cup. When you have these kinds of accomplishments on your resume, you might be able to get away with some things the rest of us can’t – star treatment and all that. But can even Modano, described as a future Hall of Famer as soon as he retired, get away with dropping this on his unsuspecting Twitter following (mildly NSFW)?

Either you’re welcome, or we’re sorry. No in between. Modano’s costume was apparently inspired by RedFoo of electropop duo LMFAO. And with the way it incorporates the reflection, the photo itself is sort of brilliant, in its own uncomfortable way…and give Modano some credit, he was entirely (too?) willing to put himself out there. So willing that, if he actually wore that (lack of) outfit for Halloween, he might not be allowed to go anywhere…unless being Mike Modano is enough for you to do whatever you want. Only one way to find out.

[h/t Jimmy Traina]