Mr. T Scoring From Center Ice At A Blackhawks Game Will Power You Through Your Morning… Or Else

  • Glenn Davis

Drop everything. This is all you need to watch today. “Mr. T doing stuff” is generally a winning proposition, and “Mr. T shooting from center ice during intermission of last night’s Blackhawks game in Chicago” is no exception. “That darn puck better go in,” announcers said. “I pity that puck,” Mr. T said (as, we believe, he is legally obligated to do during every public appearance). Well, guess what? At the risk of spoiling the video (which, trust us, is worth a few minutes of your time regardless), you’re damn right that pitiable puck went in:

Took a couple tries? Who cares? He’d done it once before and apparently just missed? Didn’t matter this time. Mr. T came in, he brought the crowd to a frenzied state, he got the job done, and he was out of there. And we’re not saying his mere presence at the United Center spurred the Blackhawks on to a 2-0 victory over the Flames (considering the teams’ relative records, the ‘Hawks probably didn’t need the help)… we’re just saying it didn’t hurt. Man, this was so much better than Jim Belushi.

Oh, you wanted a Mr. T reaction gif? You bet there’s a Mr. T reaction gif:

Pity any fool who doesn’t think this man is a national treasure.