The NHL Is Making Their Highlights Look Like NHL ’94 And It’s Awesome

  • Joe Levine

In the midst of another strike-shortened season, the NHL is doing all they can to win back the fans this year. This latest feature to their website should help.

The NHL’s official website is taking highlights from the current season and giving them the NHL ’94 treatment. In case you don’t remember, NHL ’94 was THE video game for hockey fans and video game enthusiasts in the ’90s, so much so that it was actually featured in the movie “Swingers.”

For example, Patrick Kane’s recent spinning goal got NHL ’94-ized for our viewing pleasure:

So good.

The best part is this isn’t a one-off for the NHL. Head over to their video page for more highlights done in the style of NHL ’94.

If the NFL, NBA, and MLB don’t follow suit with their own video game-style highlights, I’m going to be so bummed out. Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA Jam, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, and more are all right there, guys. Make it happen.

[Awful Announcing]