NHL Just Started, So Here Are Our Goalie Mask Power Rankings, In Order Of Awesomeness

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The 2013-2014 NHL season started recently. Did you notice, or were you too busy watching football?

Regardless, you should care about goalie masks. Because goalie masks are awesome, even if you are insane and think hockey isn’t awesome.

In honor of hockey beginning and Columbus Day, here are our definitive rankings of every starting goalie’s helmet, from worst to best. Many are from last year, and some are from this year, based on what information was available at the time of slideshow-ing.

Yes, we posted this before, but if you missed it, it’s definitely worth your time to spend your holiday looking at sports art.


Photos via FoxSports, DaveArt, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, InGoalMag, NHL