Now Watch Some Unbelievable Slob Steal A Hockey Stick From A Kid At A Canadiens Game

  • Rick Chandler

Our previous post featured a living Neanderthal who was seen in a short Vine clip reaching over and snatching a baseball away from a young boy during a Red Sox game. We called him the World’s Worst Human, but it seems that he has competition … on the previous night. Here we are at Bell Centre in Montreal, where the Montreal Canadiens had just defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning for a four-game playoff sweep in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. But then …

As a raucous crowd cheered on the team, Max Pacioretty — who scored the game-winning and series-clinching goal with 42.6 seconds to play (not to mention his first career Stanley Cup Playoffs goal) — strolled partway into the tunnel and attempted to pass his stick into the outstretched hands of a young fan. The youngster’s dreams were quickly dashed, however, when a grown ass man reached out and snatched the stick before the kid could procure his coveted souvenir.


This one has a better ending, however. The guy who grabbed the stick soon thought better of it, and gave it to the kid. Whether it was his conscience nagging at him, or fans in his section threatening to use his chest as a trampoline, we’ll never know. But he eventually did the right thing.

But it all leaves us to ponder: why to adults turn to Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” when shown sports memorabilia? I’ve seen grown men overturn wheelchairs to get to foul balls hit by journeymen shortstops. Women are no exception: one grown lady at an Astros game actually snatched a foul ball out of the grasp of a young girl. Stop it, stupid humans.

Sigh. As we learned in “Ali Babba Bunny”:

Bugs Bunny: What’s with you, anyway?

Daffy Duck: I can’t help it. I’m a greedy slob. It’s my hobby. Save me!


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