The Owner Of The Florida Panthers Will Fight You On Twitter

  • Eric Goldschein

Fans of the New Jersey Devils are finding out just how (Twitter) bad ass Florida Panthers owner Michael Yormark can be. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t care what you think — he’ll still respond to you and tell you what he thinks. This man is a true inspiration.

It’s like this, see: Yormark was mad at these Devils fans throwing plastic rats — which the Panthers team store had for sale — onto the ice during a game. I mean, hey, those are perfectly good plastic rats, and it’s not like you’re going to get them back, so cut that out. And who cares if there’s no proof of Devils fans sullying the Panther ice? That’s not the point!

Here’s how Yormark chose to address this issue:

So all these Devils fans were like, hey, man, screw you! And what did Yormark say in response? Only what a true (Twitter) bad ass would say, which is a series of stinging insults that don’t at all reflect back on him as a person.

Oooh! Burn(s)! You only have 70 Twitter followers! Get a life! And you, also, get a life! Don’t just sit here and write to people you don’t know on Twitter! Don’t you know anything? Dork!

Oh, wait. I seem to have forgotten which side I’m making fun of. Oh well.

[h/t No Guts, No Glory, photo from Getty Images via]