Paulina Gretzky Is Using Her Instagram Account To Try To Give Her Father A Brain Aneurysm

  • Evan Sporer

For the past few months, we’ve breathlessly kept you up to date on all the latest Paulina Gretzky news. The Great One’s daughter has absolutely terrorized the Internet with her guerrilla-like Instagram tactics, bombarding us with photos, retreating, and then bombarding us with new photos. For a while, we assumed her reasoning for said acts of web anarchy came down to the fact that she’s incredibly good looking, and wants to share that with the world.

But not so fast. PG-18 (yes, new nickname) and her sepia-tinted terror campaign apparently have an underlying cause after all: making Wayne Gretzky’s life a living hell.

We already brought you one photo of PG-18 in a small, green bikini earlier this week. That came from the set of Grown Ups 2, which Gretzky is set to make some kind of appearance in. Well, she posted three more photos today, and then sent out that tweet. It appears for some odd reason, Paulina Gretzky is hellbent on destroying the psyche of her father. All I have to say is, good luck. Guy had 2857 career points. He’s a gamer. PG-18 is putting in quite a strong effort though. Stay tuned to see if she can indeed make her father go crazy. The new photos (and some oldies) below. For more Paulina, please visit the fine folks at Busted Coverage.


h/t Busted Coverage