Your Breathless Paulina Gretzky Instagram Update

  • Dan Fogarty

Paulina Gretzky is 23, gorgeous, and has a smartphone. Like most gorgeous 23-year-olds* with smartphones, she likes to take photos of herself and post them to popular photo-centric social media app Instagram. Periodically, we like to update you on her Instagram comings and goings, via a segment we call “Your Breathless Paulina Gretzky Instagram Update.”

(*Unlike most gorgeous 23-year-olds, she is the daughter of the greatest hockey player of all time.)

This week, Paulina posed for a magazine, met a ventriloquist, told a funny joke to a guy in a hoodie, ate an Animal Style burger from In-N-Out, fed a giraffe some lettuce, and did all this while looking gorgeous. You can follow her on Instagram at @pmgypsy, or on Twitter at @PaulinaGretzky. Get it girl.