A Friendly Reminder That Ankle-Breaking Moves Are Not Just For Basketball

  • Glenn Davis

Think back to some of the great feats of basketball dribbling you’ve seen lately. John Wall on Ish Smith. Joe Johnson on Paul Pierce. Well, the move we’re about to show you from last night ranks right up there with any of them in pure overwhelmed defender-ness:

What? You were expecting a basketball play? How about you show hockey players some damn respect? They can do awesome stuff too – Pavel Datsyuk, author of the set of moves you just saw, in particular. As impressive a sequence as it was, it was all in a day’s work for Datsyuk, who leaves defenders completely baffled more often than just about anyone else in hockey. Seriously, just compare Logan Couture, the man on the business end of Datsyuk’s gifts last night, to Paul Pierce here. Couture:


Now we kind of want to see Datsyuk try to cross Pierce up on a basketball court.

[Puck Daddy]