The Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk Weaved Through An Entire Team To Send A Game To Overtime

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Detroit Red Wings were trailing the Nashville Predators 3-2 with less than 7 minutes to go last night. They put Pavel Datsyuk on the ice, asking him to be Pavel Datsyuk. He picked up the puck in his own zone, ahead of just one Predator. He beat the second Predator to the blue line, then quickly overtook the third. The fourth tried to hit him, or something. It was futile. The fifth came in to help. Datsyuk was a split-second ahead. That left Pekka Rinne, perhaps the best goalie in the NHL. Datsyuk beat him, too. Pavel Datsyuk was especially excited, because even Pavel Datsyuk doesn’t normally do this.

The Red Wings lost in overtime, but earned a point thanks to Datsyuk.

h/t reddit