Watch The Penguins And Flyers Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

  • CJ Fogler

A big, but legal, hit shortly after an empty net goal by the Philadelphia Flyers sparked a brawl with the Pittsburgh Penguins on the ice, and nearly one between coaches.

After that perfectly legal hit by the Pens’ Joe Vitale, pretty much all five Flyers went after him, which prompted Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette to begin screaming the the Pens’ bench for sending out their 4th line in a game already decided on the scoreboard. Sending a message is a tradition in sports, and as such, Tony Granato got up on the boards to defend Penguins’ head coach Dan Bylsma, with analyst Pierre McGuire squarely in the middle.

I love it when an analyst has a front row seat for a screaming match, I just wish they could tell us what was said besides “Well guys, Coach A didn’t like what Coach B did and told him so, but I can’t repeat it.” Right now, the Penguins and Flyers sit in the 4 and 5 spots in the Conference standing, which means they would meet in a first round playoff series. While they are already cross-state rivals and have never been fond of each other, a comfortable Flyers’ win today generated some gamesmanship by the Penguins and it has us looking forward to that series.