The Flyers Fired Their Coach After Three Games, Because They’re Morons

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Peter Laviolette FiredThe Philadelphia Flyers are 0-3. They disappointed last year, and they didn’t want to go 180 minutes without a point to start the 2013-2014 NHL season. But there was no lockout this season; 3 games is less than 4% of the season. They lost to three solid teams. They played fairly well.

Despite all of this, the Flyers reportedly fired their coach, Peter Laviolette.

It’s a really weird move, considering the man was totally fine to coach the team FIVE DAYS AGO, when the season started. He was fine through the entire offseason and training camp, but it’s the THREE-GAME LOSING STREAK that pushes the guy out the door.

If your coach is on such a short leash, fire the dude before the season. It’s pretty simple.

The LA Kings lost their first two games just two years ago en route to WINNING A STANLEY CUP, but I guess that third-straight loss was so heartbreaking for Philly that they had to hit the reset button.

Seriously, Philly, you’re a bunch of morons. If you succeed, it’s in spite of this tomfoolery, not because of it.

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