Rangers And Senators Attempt To Improve Hockey By Introducing Second Puck

  • CJ Fogler

A puck on the back of the net doesn’t usually generate much interest. If they are putting a different one into play, it becomes far more interesting.

As the linesman is doing a little ice repair work, NBC’s cameras catch a look at a second puck on the back of the net. Since nobody on the ice is aware, the puck is still there when play continues. Naturally, rather than sit there innocuously until discovered during a whistle, the puck immediately gets involved in the action. Although the broadcast crew doesn’t catch it – watch carefully as the puck in play ends up on the back of the net, causing the second puck to pop off the netting and actually become the live puck.

No harm done, an icing would occur shortly thereafter and with players alerting the officials to the second puck, order was restored. The second puck’s origin is still a mystery, perhaps the baseball tradition of throwing the ball back on the field of play is taking root at Madison Square Garden.