This Is The Funniest Hockey Freakout You Will Watch Today

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Ryan Hutchinson had a bad day. A defenseman on the Kingston Frontenacs of the Ontario Hockey League, Hutchinson found himself checked from behind on the boards by Jake Evans of the hometown Erie Otters. Hutchinson was deemed the instigator and was the only player slapped with a fighting major after the scuffle. His ensuing temper tantrum is basically what you’d expect of a teenager.

And that’s because Hutchinson is a teenager, 17 years old to be exact. As you watched, he proceeded to kick Evans’ helmet, his own helmet, and then heaved a chair dangerously close to where two kids were scurrying about. We probably wouldn’t be laughing about this if the chair hit a kid, but it didn’t and it looked clearly like Hutchinson didn’t mean to throw the chair at the kids, but the general direction from whence they came. Still, they looked positively terrified.

But again, it’s important that you know Hutchinson is still 17, but an overgrown child who just happens to be playing on a somewhat big stage — there were a little over 3,000 people in attendance. His teenage temperament, however, doesn’t make this any less hilarious. He wound up being suspended for two games, you know, one for each helmet he kicked, or for each kid he almost maimed.

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