Bruins Assistant Coach Geoff Ward Exonerated As Tyler Seguin Admits To Throwing Smelling Salt Into Fan’s Beer (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Things aren’t always what they seem. That goes for magic tricks, Melky Cabrera’s resurgence, and now, NHL personnel tossing things from the bench into the beers of their fans. It’s uncanny how much the video seems to show Bruin’s Assistant Coach Geoff Ward throwing something from his ear over the glass and into the stands. Which is gross, mind you, regardless of whether it’s an ear piece or an ear wig. Grosser still, the true culprit was Tyler Seguin’s smelling salt. The optical illusion provided him the cover he needed to toss the used ammonium carbonate capsule into the world of the spectator. Not sure what’s worse to get in your beer, but it’s a moot point, the guy probably got another.

If there’s any reason to throw a posionous item into the stands…wait, why the hell did he do that? What was wrong with just dropping it on the floor? Players are constantly spitting obscene amounts of water, even dipping on the bench. Talk about going out of your way to inconvience people. This kind of behavior helps explain Seguin’s filthy Swiss garbage dungeon he and Matt Kane shared during the lockout. Next thing you know, girls basketball teams in Missouri will be peeing into opponents water coolers. Wait, no, really? That happened?

Photo Via, H/T Puck Daddy