Start Your Week With An NHL Player Inexplicably Quitting During A Play, Allowing A Goal

  • Glenn Davis

When you watch the video below (aided by the helpful diagram we’ve provided above), keep your eyes on #74 on the Predators, Sergei Kostitsyn (i.e. the guy who can’t quite handle the puck at the four-second mark). It’s tempting to follow the actual play that ensues, especially considering it ends in an Oilers goal – a short-handed goal, at that, as well as a goal that, considering Edmonton wound up winning 3-2, meant quite a bit to the game’s outcome. But keep your eyes fixed on Kostitsyn, not what happens on the ice. After all, it’s not like Kostitsyn had a lot of interest in what was happening on the ice:

We’re not sure who had the better postgame rection to whatever the hell this was – Preds coach Barry Trotz:

“I can’t give you a logical explanation for an illogical event.”

…or Kostitsyn himself:

“I made a mistake.”

Does appear that way.

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