A Minor League Hockey Player Stepped On His Teammate’s Face. A Skate-To-The-Face Is As Gruesome As It Sounds.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Andre Deveaux, AHL hockey player for the San Antonio Rampage, had an awful night last night. In the second period, Deveaux took a high stick to the face. It must’ve hurt a lot, but there was no penalty called. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, and while falling to the ground and clutching his face, Deveaux got stepped on by a teammate. It’s hard to tell if the skate caught his face or his helmet or both, but regardless, it was terrifying.

He left a trail of blood on the ice, presumably from the skate-to-the-face, but I suppose it could’ve been at least partially from the high stick.

He somehow turned out all right, which makes me think the blade was partially or even completely blocked by Deveaux’s helmet. Either way, this is fantastic news.

No one was at fault here; it was a scary situation that worked out fine. There was no Todd Bertuzzi here. By the way, why did his suspension ever expire?

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