This Is The Closest You’ll See To Flopping In The NHL Playoffs

  • Eric Goldschein

Shane Doan was thrown out of tonight’s Coyotes-Kings game for a boarding call that made a bloody mess out of Trevor Lewis’ face. But was he the victim of what the NHL would consider a “flop”? The NBA knows all about flopping, but hockey players wouldn’t know how to fake an injury if they tried. Unfortunately, this looks to be the exception.

Normally, a violent hit in a hockey game that results in blood being spilled would be called “hockey.” But it looks like Lewis saw Doan coming, turned his face towards the boards, and intentionally took a brutal hit in order to get a call against Doan.

Doan is the Coyotes captain and big hitter — losing him for rest of the game was a big gain for the Kings. Indeed: as of this writing, the Kings are up 3-0 midway through the third period. It will be interesting to see if Doan gets suspended at all for a hit that was made worse by the victim’s actions, not his own.

What do you think, America? A worthy toss, or a hockey flop?