The Flyers' Goalie Played While Concussed, And The NHL Or Flyers Better Do Something

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is 2014. Hockey, football, snooker — it doesn’t matter how macho the sport is — concussions are serious shit. We know about CTE and brain trauma and players’ lives being ruined. Hockey is not exempt. One game — even one playoff game — is not worth potentially life-altering consequences.

So when the NHL hears that Philadelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason played with a concussion, they should be ashamed. It’s an isolated incident and Mason may have hidden his symptoms, but if they truly care about player safety, they’ll get to the bottom of this. It’s not OK. At all.

Mason played in relief in Game 3. So he most certainly played with a concussion, even if he was actually OK starting with Game 4. There’s no mention of him going through concussion protocol afterwards, so he easily could have played multiple concussions while endangered. If the Flyers knew about this and didn’t make him go through testing, they should be ashamed. If the NHL doesn’t find out, they should be ashamed. And I understand where Steve Mason theoretically would be coming from if he was hiding things, but, dude, look out for yourself.

Especially since it seems like your team might not be looking out for you. More on this later, I hope.

Until then, listen to how dumb a person (Jimmy from Elmwood Park) can sound by denying the negative effects of head trauma.