The NHL Might Be Locked Out, But At Least You Can Watch Players In Terrible Commercials

  • Glenn Davis

Lately, the NHL has done nothing but let fans down. The second lockout in a decade. Missing games. Missing more games. Missing the WInter Classic. And through it all, the sides remaining far apart on the terms of any potential deal. Fans need cheering up. And what better to cheer them up (especially Bruins fans) than Boston left wing Milan Lucic starring in a commercial for a local credit? The answer: Milan Lucic starring in an awful, awful commercial for a local credit union:

OK, Dirk Nowitzki still gets my vote for “best recent case of an athlete willingly embarrassing himself on camera,” but this is a terrific entry in that category all the same. What’s the best part? My vote’s for when he breaks up with his bank – only he’s giving the speech to a reflection of himself. Did he get confused and decide to break up with himself? Could the bank somehow sense he was breaking up with it and terminate their relationship despite him never speaking to them?

We’ll never know. What we do know is that this video is becoming more widely known to NHL fans at just the right time (according to YouTube, the video was uploaded in April, but never got much attention – including from Lucic himself – until now). If we can’t watch top-flight hockey players do what they’re best at, watching them do what they’re worst at will suffice for now.

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