The People Of Boston Rushed To Their Computers In A Masturbatory Frenzy After The Bruins Lost Game 6

  • Eric Goldschein

boston bruins game 6

You’ve already heard about how much less porn people were watching during the NBA Finals. Turns out, a similar pattern was taking place during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Thanks to more data from “the statisticians” at, we can see that overall porn viewing traffic was down during last night’s Game 6, and particularly so in Boston and Chicago:

There are a few interesting trends of note: Chicago fans weren’t nearly as willing to stop watching pornography when the game started as their Boston peers. And the overall (country-wide) percentage remained virtually unchanged at a meager 6 percent drop throughout the game (the NBA’s Game 7 went as low as 14 percent).

But the best part of this whole graph: the enormous spike in Boston traffic once the game ended. A 21 percent jump means that thousands of people likely turned off their televisions, ran to their computers, and began relieving themselves of great stress.

Note: It’s possible that the people of Boston just felt like watching people have sex after Game 6 and didn’t necessarily masturbate, as this data only tracks site traffic. But… come on. No pun intended.


Photo via Getty