The Rangers Coach And An NHL Ref Traded F-Bombs Last Night — An Exchange Brought To You By Gatorade Frost

  • Eric Goldschein

We already showed you how last night’s Game 4 between the Rangers and Bruins ended: with a fantastic goal by the home team to extend the series. But not long before that, Rangers coach John Tortorella — known for being a bit brusque and short-tempered, to say the last — got into it with one of the referees. That’s not surprising. What’s surprising is that said referee took the bait, and got caught doing so.

From the looks of the video, Tortorella is arguing a slow whistle by means of using the word “fuck” a lot. You can hear the referee’s response, which also includes the word “fuck” (NSFW, obviously):

Hockey: A Great Fucking Game. Thanks, Gatorade, for sponsoring that.

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