Things You Can’t Un-See: Mark Sanchez’s Naked Ass, Smiling Face In Home Video Of Him Partying

  • Eric Goldschein

Hey, Jets fans, ready to see Mark Sanchez top the butt fumble by showing the Internet his own butt, smoking electronic cigarettes, partying with a couple of attractive ladies and and generally looking happy? Here you go (NSFW, for man-ass):

The girls in this video are reportedly “socialites” (whatever that means,) or at least one is: Alana Kari is known for being known, and the other girl is Janna Van Burkleo. The two girls were with Sanchez in Napa when this video was taken. It was originally thought that the threesome only made a series of Vines — which were later deleted and did not feature Sanchez ass — but apparently a longer video was made, and here it is.

Lesson to Mark Sanchez, which clearly must be learned again and again: DON’T LET PEOPLE TAKE VIDEOS OF YOUR ASS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It will get on the Internet.

[Busted Coverage]