This Photo Of A Man Sleeping Behind The Rangers Bench Doesn’t Make Us Want To Watch Hockey All That Much

  • Eric Goldschein

To the chagrin of hockey fans everywhere, their sport has been marginalized over the past few years. It simply isn’t as popular as the other major sports, for a variety of reasons (it’s like soccer on ice? It constantly breaks down into a boxing match? Canadians are good at it?). Things change around playoff time, because NHL playoff hockey is insanely intense for both the competitors and viewers. Unless you’re this dude, sleeping behind the Rangers bench at the end of Game 1 last night.

Dude who is sleeping behind the Rangers bench at the end of Game 1 last night, you’re not doing your sport any favors. You’re in the first row, behind the visitors bench, and your team is up 3-1 in a playoff game. The game is about to end, man! You’re gonna have to wake up in less than 60 seconds and pretend like you’re super happy your team won. And then get home without passing out behind the wheel/on the train. For those of us who need to be convinced to watch a hockey game, seeing someone unable to remain conscious in the arena’s most exciting seats, during one of the year’s most exciting games, is not a good sign.

Here’s to hoping there’s some narcoleptic explanation for this, rather than hockey just being boring. As sports fans, we hate that idea.

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