Naturally, The 2014 Red Wings And Maple Leafs Winter Classic Throwback Jerseys Look Awesome

  • Jake O'Donnell

We didn’t get one this year because, you know, sports is a business. But next year’s Winter Classic looks like it wants to erase that from your memory with these freakin’ awesome throwback Red Wings and Maple Leafs jerseys. And to make matters even more awesome-er, they’ll be meeting up at Michigan’s “Big House” (capacity crowd 107,501.) Throw some knit caps with little pompoms on em’ and you’re talking the Hockey equivalent of Medieval Times. Feast your eyes, ye fashion forward hockey fans!

Detroit has the best jersey in sports.

“…and for the Maple Leaf, I’m gonna go with a Dr. Seuss approach, and make it look all Grinchy.”
— Guy who designed this uniform

Photos Via ProHockeyTalk