Today In Epic Photobombs: The Jaguars Select Michigan RB/WR/QB/Guy In A Tiger Shirt Denard Robinson

  • Jake O'Donnell

“With the 135th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select running back Denard Robinson.”

Who is listed as a wide receiver on the screen directly next to his name.

Who really is actually a quarterback.

Who is technically wearing a Tiger t-shirt.

Who is literally standing behind this hilarious photobomber.

There were at least two people who were extremely excited about the news that Denard Robinson will be playing in Jacksonville this year. Did you spot them? Good eye. Whoever that guy is, he totally knew what he was doing. It’s a sixth sense, photobombing. You’ve gotta know when to position yourself, and the exact right moment to strike. Kind of like a Tiger. Or a Jaguar…Cool t-shirt, Denard!

Gif via Deadspin