Tom Gilbert Took A High Stick That Stuck In His Earhole

  • CJ Fogler

Hey, guys get hit with high sticks in hockey all the time – it just doesn’t usually get caught inside the earhole of their helmet…

In the 3rd period of tonight’s rather uninspiring game between the Minnesota Wild and the Florida Panthers, the Wild were trailing by a goal, but managed to get 2 consecutive minors to give Florida a 5 on 3 advantage. The Kris Versteeg got a little fast and loose with his stick to Tom Gilbert’s head. He somehow managed not to cut or otherwise injure Gilbert, but the results were uncommon, and hilarious.

In what’s turned out to be a lost season for the Wild, they would score with 30 seconds left to tie the game, then win it just 15 seconds into overtime, but this was the clear highlight of the night.