Why A Hockey Rink Is Not The Best Place To Lose Your Temper

  • Glenn Davis

The Bruins lost in a shootout against the Canadiens last night, falling 6-5. It was a relatively big game, as far as middle-of-the-regular-season games go, with Montreal taking the division lead as a result of the win… plus it was Bruins-Canadiens, one of the NHL’s top rivalries to begin with. So upon letting up the winning shootout goal, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask was not pleased. And he needed something to take it out on. He settled on the boards in front of the Bruins bench. It went… uh, like this:

See, this is why hockey freakouts (or at least the bulk of them) should happen after you leave the ice. (Notice what happened to that guy when he kicked the helmet while he skated off? Thud. Right on his ass. And that was a 17-year-old. Rask is in the big leagues. He’s gotta step up to the pro tantrum level.) And here’s the game-winning/losing goal that led to RaskRage:

“Wait, Glenn,” you say, “a short-and-sweet slapsticky moment like this is pretty much why gifs were invented. Any chance you could get us one of those?” Well, yeah, I was getting to that. Jeez. No patience at all. People are very strange these days. Anyway, here you go, and you’re welcome.

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