Did The Bruins’ Tyler Seguin Start Dating A Playmate Over Twitter?

  • Sarah Devlin

“Twirting” is an example of internet speak that sounds way grosser than the activity it’s describing, which is flirting with someone via Twitter. Ah, modern life. Apparently NHL star Tyler Seguin is the latest professional athlete to engage in this practice, with Playboy Playmate Ciara Price. Behold, the evidence:

Could it be? Could Seguin and Price be embarking on a sure to be super successful romance? It’s certainly possible, but for my money the real story here is @BostonsBlackie (the other Twitter user name checked in Price and Seguin’s exchange) and his super offensive Twitter feed:

…Uh, Seguin has a point, there. He’s a regular Twirting white knight!

[H/T to With Leather]

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