Frat Boy Tyler Seguin Got Traded Because He’s The J.R. Smith Of The NHL

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Tyler Seguin Partying Shirtless

The Boston Bruins just traded Tyler Seguin, the No. 2 overall pick in 2010, who had shown tremendous promise. Why would a team do that?

Because it’s tough to double as a superstar athlete and a frat star. Thus, he was traded to the Dallas (Frat) ΣΤΑΡΣ

This trade might not be popular among all Bruins fans, who envisioned Seguin as a future superstar. But he might go down as a player who squandered his great gifts. Multiple sources said the 21-year-old Seguin crossed the line this season with reckless partying.
It apparently got so bad that during the playoffs, the Bruins ordered Seguin to live in a hotel, where a guard was hired to make sure he stayed in his room.

The Bruins GM backtracked a little bit, claiming it was his “preparation” and not just the partying, but locking the kid in his hotel room seems to suggest otherwise.

There’s more:

According to sources around the team, Seguin was out late in Toronto during the road trip to play the Leafs in the first round of the playoffs and the team had to hold a sit-down with the immature forward about his commitment to the team. Seguin showed up each day at the Air Canada Centre wearing the same clothes for three straight days and played badly in Games 3 and 4 of the first round against Toronto.

In Seguin’s defense, the fact that he was wearing clothes suggests that he may not have been partying. His Shirt Allergy is a very serious condition and nothing to joke about. We sincerely hope Seguin gets better.

UPDATE: Seguin’s mom disputes everything.