Underwater Flames: Calgary’s Saddledome Rink Submerged 8 Rows Deep (SLIDESHOW)

  • Jake O'Donnell


“It’s very difficult to describe millions, millions gallons of water sitting [in the Saddledome],” Calgary Flames President Ken King said. “That means if you were a hockey player walking from the tunnel onto the ice, you would be underwater yourself.”

I’d say that’s a pretty damn good way to describe the state of the Scotiabank arena right about now.

“We are going to be ready for the start of the season,” he added in the most upbeat, Canadian way of thinking about a flood that has reportedly knocked out the entire nerve center of the stadium. Not to mention displacing 100,000 people.

And, basically, all their shit.

“We’re ordering everything,” King continued. “Including hockey equipment.” So, add skates and pads and sticks and pucks to that list (though pucks seem pretty resilient). Yep, that means the locker rooms are underwater, which are on the same level as the Zambonis, two lounges, Jumbotron controls, and ice plant. Those things are ruined as well.

Photos via NHL.com