Watch A Hockey Puck Get Crushed Under 82,000 Pounds Of Force (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

It’s probably not too easy to tell just how strong a hockey puck is when watching a game on television. I mean, for all you know that little black disk is just some dense foam. (It isn’t.)

Sure, you occasionally see guys like Sidney Crosby take a puck to the face and bleed on the ice while opposing fans cheer on the injury, but still, that doesn’t give you a clear picture of how incredibly durable that piece of vulcanized rubber is.

In case you were wondering, vulcanized rubber is basically some scientific term that means sulfur was added to rubber to make it stronger by forming crosslinks between individual polymer chains. Yes, I read that on Wikipedia. No, I have no idea what it means. Yes, it sounds cool. Yes, it looks cool when it hits Sidney Crosby in the face.

But to get back on topic, YouTube user FunnerEveryDay took a puck to a lab that tests the strength of items under significant force by crushing it in an awesome and terrifying machine. It took 82,000 pounds of pressure and force to destroy a regulation hockey pock. Check it out.