Watch Canadiens Goalie Carey Price Get Hit In The Nards With A Puck

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Growing up a young lad playing youth sports, you didn’t necessarily like wearing a cup. Everybody wanted to be the cool kid who free-balled because, let’s face it, jockstraps are for squares. But ultimately, you put up with the minor discomfort anyway, because you wanted to be prepared for the worst. Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price was not prepared for the worst.

Fortunately for Price, the crotch-shot was sustained in pregame warmups, not during game-action. A full-speed NHL slapshot to the groin certainly elicits something more than a quick double over. Price’s parts were OK, but his resolve was not: his Canadiens lost to the Bruins, 2-1. Poor guy. Poor guys.

[h/t Deadspin]