We Have A Front-Runner For “Weirdest Goal Of The NHL Season”

  • Glenn Davis

We’re not just talking “weirdest goal of a lockout-shortened season” here, either. Even over a full 82-game schedule, it would have been tough for anyone to top what the Coyotes’ Keith Yandle did last night. First, look at that screencap above. The puck has just come off Yandle’s stick. As you can see, it’s headed straight for the glass. Players shooting pucks that carom off the glass – not uncommon, right? Well, what is uncommon is for the puck to wind up in the net:

We’re glad the celebration there was minimal – that no one, least of all Yandle himself, acted like they remotely expected that to happen. As you see later on in the video, he even gets a little laugh out of it. You know who definitely wouldn’t have gotten a laugh out of it? The Wild, had this goal actually sparked a furious comeback that ended in a Coyotes win. But while Phoenix was blessed with the good fortune of this goal, they weren’t quite that lucky: the Wild held on to win, 4-3.

[SB Nation]