WOAH: Watch A Wrist-Shot Go Through A Player’s Skate And Into The Net For A Game-Winning Goal

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is from Friday, but we missed it, and are on a roll with GIFs today (Knowshon Moreno/Chain-gang lady), so, here you go.

It’s of Buffalo Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff’s wrist shot going through a Toronto Maple Leaf’s (Leaves’? Leafs’? Leifs’s?) skate, and then going in the net for an overtime winner.

There was a long discussion on reddit about if this is just an illusion, but the conclusion seemed to be that it’s probably legit. This really-large GIF helps clarify a bit, but it’s still not a sure-thing. In the sake of not being a buzzkill for the Buffalo Sabres, who are absolutely awful, we will assume it’s legit.

Here’s video of the only good thing to happen in Buffalo in quite some time (the Bills and Bulls just lost must-win games… bad things are occurring in the Buff).

Pretty damn cool. Now, back to their regularly-scheduled losses in 72.7% of games.