These Women At The Red Wings Game Jiggling Their Own Breasts Only Served To Distract The Internet

  • Eric Goldschein

Hockey and breasts — they just go together. We’ve seen these two seemingly disparate nouns team up before, and usually the owners of said breasts are trying to distract the players/coaches involved in the game, so as to keep their attention from the task at hand (i.e., winning).

Last night, a couple of hockey fans decided to use their breasts as distractions once again (though only one of them seemed really dedicated to the cause). Except play had been stopped, and they were just jiggling themselves at a couple of refs and a dude fixing a dislodged glass pane. So the only people who really stopped to take a second look? The Internet:

Here’s the video:

The Wings won the game 3-2 in overtime, but we’re not ready to say the correlation (women shake boobs, Wings win game) is the same as causation. We are ready to say we enjoyed those 12 seconds quite a bit, so thank you, Detroit-area women shaking boobs at Red Wings game.

[Update: Turns out, she got pucks.

So what do we know?]

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