Toronto Actually Cares About Hockey, So They Want To Turn The CN Tower Into ‘The World’s Biggest Goal Light’ For Maple Leafs Playoff Games

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, which is a very sad thing for Torontonians. They have qualified this year, which is a very happy thing for Torontonians. They want to do something cool, so someone came up with the idea of turning the CN Tower, the world’s largest tower for quite some time (1976-2007), into the world’s largest goal light. Because, why not? The idea sounds cliche, until you realize it probably hasn’t been done before, mostly because we don’t care about hockey and for whatever reason, Toronto hasn’t done it before. Considering that a homemade, remote goal lamp looks cool, this would probably look really cool.

I’m not sure how legitimate this petition is, but there are 13,187 supporters of supposedly 36,813 needed, and I would presume the technology to do this is available. I hope it happens, because our friendly nEiHbors up north deserve it; they’ve been waiting long enough.

Grand gestures are cool, and we should do them more often. If the Cubs make the playoffs this year, I will personally scale the entire exterior of the John Hancock building in Cubs footie pajamas, holding Carlos Marmol’s jockstrap in my teeth.


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