This Photo Of A Blackhawks Fan Who Got Hit In The Face With A Puck Gets Way More Graphic After The Jump

  • Rick Chandler

Lucky: Caitlin Higgins had just put her face inside her Chicago Blackhawks jersey to cough when a puck flew by her face. Unlucky: It hit her mother.

Dr. Patricia Higgins, 55, received the wounds you see below when she was hit by a puck toward the end of regulation during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Blackhawks and Bruins in Chicago. She underwent surgery at Rush University Medical Center. Chicago Sun-Times:

The puck opened a 1½-inch bone-deep gash extending from the bridge of her nose through her right eyebrow. It required “a ton of internal and external stiches” from a plastic surgeon but did not cause any internal damage, Caitlin Higgins said.

The puck sailed over the glass in the 100 level at the United Center.

“She’ll have a nice shiner for a while,” Caitlin Higgins said. “I just keep thinking ‘If only I’d raised my hands, I could have deflected the puck,’ or if my brother had been at the game and not me, he’s tall, the puck would have bounced off his chest and left a bruise.”

Thanks, sis.

Photo: Steve Dahl,