So Team USA Walks Into A Spa…Uh Oh, It Was Actually a Brothel

  • Geoff Magliocchetti
during USA Basketball Showcase at Toyota Center on August 1, 2016 in Houston, Texas.

DeMarcus Cousins (L) was one of at least three players involved, but the team quickly left when they realized their mishap (Photo: Getty)

You go out to the spa to get yourself a relaxing massage, a soothing steam, whatever you want. Next thing you know, you end up in one of Brazil’s most renowned brothels.

A typical predicament, of course, if you’re a member of the United States national basketball team.

First reported on TMZ, at least a trio of American superstars, including DeAndre Jordan, Demarcus Cousins and DeMar Derozan, ventured off for a relaxing spa day, and instead into Termas Monte Carlo, which Rolling Stone magazine has described a “high end” brothel of Brazil. Three others were confirmed to be with the trio, and were likely fellow teammates, but were identified.

According to TMZ, Monte Carlo markets itself as a spa when called up on the phone, claiming they only service male clients. The brothel features a fully serviced bar, where the Americans had a few drinks before realizing there was a misunderstanding and left.

The Americans have not even taken the court in Rio de Janiero and yet have had themselves a very eventful Olympic week. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the team would be eschewing their lodgings at the Olympic Village, instead opting for the sanctuary of a luxury cruise ship known as the Silver Cloud. This news coincides with Draymond Green’s descent into Snapchat goat, right back to Snapchat G.O.A.T. after the Golden State Warriors big man had fun with the app during the Opening Ceremonies.

With Cousins, Jordan, and Derozan safely back in the marine sanctuary, the Americans are finally ready to hit the court. Their first match of Olympic play will go down today against China (6 PM EST, NBCSN)

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