An 'Aaron Ramsey Curse'? When Arsenal Midfielder Scores, A Celebrity Dies

  • Rick Chandler

I’ve been following this pretty much from the beginning, but have’t written about it until now because morbid, superstitious poppycock. But because SO many on the Internet are typing madly about it (see Twitter stream below), how can I ignore it? It’s a Dan Brown novel of social media … just one Justin Bieber death from becoming the next crackpot religion, like Scientology, or Sabermetrics.

Simply put, there is a belief out there that each time Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey scores a goal, a celebrity will die within 24 hours. Yeah, stupid … but one has to admit that it’s getting a bit weird at this point. The latest: Richard Attenborough.

Before Attenborough, this last happened on Aug. 11, when Ramsey scored a goal vs. Manchester City. The following day, Robin Williams died. Here’s a rundown of other celebrity deaths which coincided with Ramsey goals:

Taiwan’s Next Media Animation was on this story way back in 2012:

It’s not like scores that often — four goals this season, two in Premier League play. So yeah, strange.