Cleveland Teen Kicked Out Of Rec Soccer League For Epic List Of Reasons

  • Rick Chandler

Well, you can’t say that the North Side Co-Ed Soccer League didn’t give Brian Garutto his chances. League administrators finally dropped the hammer on the teen recently, kicking him out of the league for the many unsportsmanlike things he he did over a recent two-month period, chronicled below.

It’s an impressive rundown of foul play and malfeasance — surely not equaled in the annals of rec league soccer in the tri-state area. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with “making a phone call while playing on the field” or “running into goal while hiding ball in shirt.” But these are just two of the many, many examples of Brian’s shenanigans reported by officials and opposing coaches.

Brian was advised of his dismissal by text, which he thoughtfully shared with the world (via GQ Magazine).


Brian followed this text with a second one, in which he said:

I’d like to thank all the loyal fans of the Cleveland Steamers co ed team for supporting me during my season.

Haha. Slipping that name by the league has to be the best thing of all.